Sales, Marketing & Automation: How-to Bring it All Together

Digital availability of customer information and advances in marketing automation technology when applied correctly can dramatically improve your marketing and sales process, lead generation and customer acquisition. The trouble is though, most businesses never get the results they want from this data and technology and frequently find themselves out of sync with today’s buyers. Why? Modern buyers increasingly prefer to research products and services using a variety of information sources including mining business networks, surfing the web, watching videos, downloading case studies, attending webinars and all before speaking with a sales professional.

Technology alone does NOT replace the need for a sound marketing and sales strategy. And regardless of how advanced technology gets, we must always remember that to succeed, we still have to convince real human beings to buy our products or services.

Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small service provider, this full-day workshop will provide a roadmap to begin aligning your Sales, Marketing and Technology to generate more leads and sales for your business.

Our experts will take you on the journey from identifying and finding your prospects to building and effective sales funnel and clearly communicating with your prospects and customers. We will show you how to automate the process and integrate your marketing methods such as trade shows, direct mail, online ads, email, and other techniques to maximize your results. 

Let’s bring it all together, together!

Identifying Technology Challenges

  • Ability to deliver a well-researched and well defined target market who can and will buy 
  • Effective use of easily accessible tools to identify targets and obtain valuable intelligence
  • Sales and marketing do not do enough research during the positioning process 
  • Reducing friction and anxiety in populating your CRM (Customer Resource Management) 
  • Getting your digital presence in order: Building profiles and websites that don't suck
  • Customer-segmentation
  • Creating value-proposition messages by segment with tailored offers that convert online customers
  • Sales cycle and lead nurturing takes too long 
  • Buyers that hide behind the veil of technology 
  • Marketing automation readiness: The cost of not following the six “P”s (proper prior preparation prevents poor performance :)

Besides identifying and solving challenges, we will discuss some powerful powerful modern marketing and sales strategies

Marketing and Sales Enablement Strategies to be Covered

  1. Building a strong sales and marketing partnership
  2. Using databases & analytics to understand customers' wants and needs
  3. Collaborating to identify ideal customer segments
  4. Creating customer profiles/personas
  5. Understanding the life cycles of a lead: the buying process, technology, sourcing habits, and pain points
  6. How to create digital content designed to attract and support buyers at each stage of the buying process

But wait...there is more!
We will also cover technology and workflow as they relate to your sales process.

Marketing and Sales Workflow Process and Platforms

  • Powerful ways to use LinkedIn to know your customer via research, visibility and connecting – reduce friction and anxiety
  • Using Customer Resource Management (CRM) – your 360 view of customers and prospect activity 
  • Planning your lead-to-revenue processes 
  • Who owns what in the new sales, marketing and automation process 
  • Establishing a unified customer experience throughout your sales funnel 
  • What happens when leads aren’t ready: automating lead nurturing at each stage 
  • The best ways to use meetings, webinars, videoconferencing, videos, eBooks and other tools in your marketing 
  • Activity tracking: what a prospect searched for to bring them to your site, which pages they visited, and what content they interacted with and downloaded 
  • How to use this data to improve your marketing efforts

Finally we'll teach some effective communication strategies that you can implement in your sales and marketing. 

Value and Positioning Messaging that Matches the Buying Journey

  • Crafting powerful messages that provide value, increase sales, and connect with buyers from any touch point including: 
    • Social media 
    • Trade Shows 
    • Direct mail 
    • Phone calls 
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
    • Email marketing 
  • Creating a relevant and compelling message that connects to the intentions and needs of buyers vs. selling to the buyer 
  • Creating and maintaining highly-valued content and lead nurturing assets to align with each market segment or vertical

In addition to valuable knowledge and content all attendees will receive the following:

  • Each attendee will get a free copy Jason Drohn’s newly released book, Convert.   
  • Each attendee will get a free trial for Scriptly.org software tool that’ll help you create email copy, sales and landing pages, sales copy and webinars.
  • A free 30 day trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM per company.
  • A free “Action Plan Call" with Jason Drohn.

Meet Your Speakers

Rick Gagnon is a Certified Microsoft professional I create and manage DNS's client relations, provide ongoing knowledge and support, and am the point of contact for multiple accounts. Every day I work with our clients to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that run their business by applying appropriate technologies including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software Development, and Hosting (Cloud) Services.

Jason Drohn is an author, software architect and master marketer based in North East, PA. He’s been actively marketing online for 12 years, working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs world-wide through his courses, software apps and Done For You sales and marketing services. He’s best know for his ‘quickest path to cash’ strategies where he cuts years of testing and development out of his client’s lives, and delivers customized sales funnels designed to convert traffic into sales.

 Jeff Clorely is an Integrated Marketing & Communications professional skilled in generating traffic, marketing automation, and marketing strategy. He has a master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University and serves as a board member for two local nonprofits.  He was also featured in Erie Reader’s “40 under 40” in 2015. 



November  9, 2017

 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Ambassador Center Salons 1 & 2

Includes breakfast and lunch.

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