eMarketing Learning Center partner program custom and onsite training


Groups & Associations:

A strategic goal of the eMarketing Learning Center is to provide groups and organizations across the state with access to digital media, marketing, and e-marketing commerce training and professional development services.  Through our Partner Program and customized training, you have the ability to bring in-demand e-marketing classes and workshops to your area and to provide the groups and organizations you serve relevant digital marketing training.



"The short duration of the project, coupled with the time constraints forces you to focus on the project, which gets things done more quickly." ~ Seaway Manufacturing ~

"Guidance and direction best resources so we're not slowed down by having to do  our own independent research."
~ Relish Inc. ~

"Good being introduced to a
variety of online tools that suited our unique needs and received valuable training on how to utilize them effectively on our own." ~ Seaway Manufacturing ~

Custom Programs