About the eMarketing Learning Center

The eMarketing Learning Center is a state-funded organization headquartered at the Center for eBusiness and Advanced IT (eBizITPA) in Erie, Pennsylvania. The eMLC was established in 2008 as an initiative of eBizITPA.

Frequently Asked Questions about the eMarketing Learning Center

Our central focus is to assist businesses and individuals in successfully leveraging the online marketing channel through business mentoring and e-marketing training and events. We provide best-in-class e-marketing training that is:

  • Unbiased
  • Research-based
  • Based on industry best-practices
  • Taught by industry experts with years of experience

Impact: Helping Businesses and Professionals Succeed

As the e-marketing industry continues to grow, the eMarketing Learning Center continues to demonstrate its impact on businesses and individuals throughout Pennsylvania. Over the past year, the eMLC has helped to influence an increase in:

  • Amount of business and individual participation in e-marketing programs and events
  • Number of counties reached across Pennsylvania
  • E-marketing skills, strategies and jobs

The eMarketing Learning Center continues to positively impact the economy through valuable business and individual professional development.

To learn more about the eMarketing Learning Center, contact Cathy von Birgelen, director of the eMarketing Learning Center at (814) 898-6500.