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Started in PA: Actuated Medical

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell about their business startup journey. Started in PA features conversations with entrepreneurs who share stories on “why” and “how” they got started. You will hear how they are growing, in knowledge, talent and experience. What were their biggest challenges, biggest surprises, lessons learned and what is next? Engage with us, ask questions and enjoy inspiring and amusing chats with a variety of CEOs, Presidents and founders who started a business in Pennsylvania.

  • Webinar...Please Note: After you register, within a few days you will receive an email invite from Cathy via the Zoom platform with a unique link to participate in the webinar.
  • Thursday October 29, 2020
    10:00 AM

Making a Compelling Pitch

Once you know that raising equity is the best way to fund your company’s growth, how do you do so effectively? There are a lot of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot when attempting to capture the attention of investors. How do avoid these mistakes?

  • Webinar
  • Thursday November 5, 2020
    09:30 AM

Using Your Company Financial Statements as a Management Tool

Sure, you do your financial accounting for your taxes. But are you using the powerful information embedded within your company's financial statements to manage its life and growth? 

Ben Franklin Venture Investment Forum is presenting its next webinar on December 2, 2020, entitled, "Using Your Company Financial Statements as a Management Tool.”

  • Webinar
  • Wednesday December 2, 2020
    09:30 AM

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